Free Store Wilkinsburg's mission is to redistribute new and lightly used goods at no cost to the east end community members, especially in times of financial stress and/or emergency.

FSW relies on donations by corporate partners, community members, and volunteers.

At a time of change in Wilkinsburg, FSW strives to make a meaningful contribution to the Borough’s revitalization efforts and the people who live in and around Wilkinsburg.


Founded in 2015, FSW is independently operated and under the umbrella of  of 


To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all visitors to FSW, we have established the following ground rules*:

  • No identification  is required

  • For safety reasons, no more than 10 shoppers are permitted in the store at a time. If there is a line outside, there is a    15 minute shopping time limit inside 

  • Regarding items such cribs, strollers, car seats, child should be present or verification of child   

  • Shoppers are allowed up to 5 items per person, many items do not count towards total. Children 12 and under should take age related items.

 NOTE:  Some Items have higher values. i.e., clothing is 1 item, a complete comforter set or complete set of  pots/pans may be the equivalent  to 2 or more items. Many items do not count towards total, i.e. t-shirts, socks, toiletries, food, books, vintage clothing, etc.

*   Exceptions to the ground rules are made on a case by case basis





We are very selective with what we accept. Please adhere to the guidelines.

All donations must be new or gently used, clean, in-season, and/or relatively current style. If clothing is in large trash bags, we ask that donors bring no more than 3 bags of clothing donations per visit.

We DO NOT accept:

  • No Clothing that is soiled, faded, smelly or holes

  • No toys

  • No used undergarments, socks, hosiery or tights

  • No Large Furniture, TVs, PCs, or electronics (without prior approval)

  • No Mattresses

  • No Knives and Other Weapons

  • No specifically labeled work uniforms or gear , i.e., old police uniforms, utility company uniforms, etc.
    Free Store Wilkinsburg does not accept specially labelled company apparel or gear. We have never nor will distribute anything that may allow someone to gain unlawful entry to a home, business or access to information.

We DO accept:

In Season and In-Style (not more than 5 y/o)
Men’s clothing
Women’s clothing
Children’s clothing
Infant/Toddler clothing
Shoes and footwear


Diapers / Baby Wipes (unopened)
Children’s Books
Strollers, carriers -
not expired

Walkers, cribs, gates, etc

NO bathtubs or potty seats

 HOUSEWARES:  clean, gently used, no stains
Linen, Bedding & Decor, etc.

Blankets, Pillows

Curtains, curtain rods



Pots and Pans


Toasters, Irons, Microwaves, Blenders, lamps, etc

Furniture: (contact us prior to bring in your donation)

Small furniture items accepted 





If you have items that are not listed but new or gently used condition, please let us know.

We cannot accept donations left at the door when the store is closed.  Those donations will be discarded immediately ... no exceptions.  If you cannot make the regular donation hours, send us a message.

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619 Penn Avenue,
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221

Mailing address:
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Wilkinsburg, PA  15221


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